Mbappe drops punchline on punchline, the France team reacts


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New captain of the France team, Kylian Mbappé quickly managed to achieve unanimity, whether with his teammates, or journalists, accustomed to the monotonous press conferences of Hugo Lloris. Thanks to his outspokenness, the PSG player has established himself, a little more, as one of the essential characters in French sport.

Kylian Mbappé is not the youngest captain in the history of the France team (Etienne Jourde was made captain at the age of 20 in 1910), but his mark on French football should be much greater. At 24, the player of PSG is on track to break the record for top scorer, held since the last Global by Olivier Giroud, and could be the leader of a golden generation. The generation Mbappe started its story in the best possible way by beating the The Netherlands and the‘Ireland in qualifying for Euro 2024. During these two meetings, we could see the Parisian giving advice to his teammates.

Mbappé’s attitude contrasts with that of Lloris

Whether Mbappe is unanimous in the field, it also does so in the press room. The player is comfortable in front of the media and it shows. The French international has already dropped a few striking phrases, such as when it was necessary to comment on his discomfort with Antoine Griezmann (“ He was disappointed, understandably. I told him that in his place I would have had the same reaction, explained the Bondynois. I am not his superior “) or as when he mentioned his desire to go beyond Michael Platini in the scorer rankings (“It’s both an honor and the next target to be shot. I want to continue my way to the top but Michel Platini is an absolute legend, whether I pass him tomorrow or the day after tomorrow it will remain Michel Platini an undisputed legend of French football but as we said and as I said me I will continue my journey and it will go through Michel Platini “).

The French team under the spell

Within theFrench team, we are already under the spell. Mbappe takes the measure of his role and behaves like a true leader with his teammates as underlined The Parisian. Journalists also call him a good client, when press conferences had become monotonous in the era Hugo Lloris. That of Mbappe start in the best possible way.

Mbappe drops punchline on punchline, the France team reacts 24hfootnews.

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