Mbappé boss of the France team, Deschamps warns him


With the retirement of Hugo Lloris, the French team is looking for a new captain. Who will collect the armband? While Kylian Mbappé appears to be the favorite to occupy this role of leader of the Blues, Didier Deschamps revealed what he expected from his future captain with the Blues.

After the world CupI’French team resumes service with two games against the The Netherlands et al’Ireland. But since the tournament in Qatar, things have changed for the Blues, notably with the retirement ofHugo Lloris. The doorman of the Blues said stop, leaving behind him his captain’s armband. Who will take over this responsibility? This would mainly be between Kylian Mbappé and Antoine Griezmann. There is therefore a big decision to be made for Didier Deschamps.

“Legit compared to the whole group”

Who will be the new captain of theFrench team ? So far, Didier Deschamps maintained the suspense about the future boss of the Blues. Will he give the armband to Kylian Mbappe ? AT Antoine Griezmann ? This Sunday, for Telefoot, the coach said more on this big subject. ” The main thing is someone who must be legit to the whole group “, has explained The fields.

“There are 3 important criteria”

He then gave 3 criteria to be met by the future captain of theFrench team. ” Afterwards, there are 3 important criteria, there is technical leadership, mental leadership and another leadership, but in relation to the state of mind. I know the players who can be “, dropped Didier Deschampswhose choice is therefore expected for the future captain of theFrench team.

Mbappé boss of the France team, Deschamps warns him 24hfootnews.

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