Matt and Jeff Hardy expected to sign with WWE


Matt and Jeff Hardy did not resign with Impact Wrestling. They were set to renew their contracts, but according to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Matt Hardy felt disrespected during the negotiations. Impact wanted a portion of their independent wrestling booking fees and also did not offer the creative control that the Hardy Boyz wanted.

Matt Hardy’s “Broken” character drew a lot of attention to Impact Wrestling. Even fans who didn’t follow Impact found themselves tuning in to see Matt and Jeff Hardy play their “broken” gimmick. It also marked the first time in their careers that Matt Hardy was more popular than his brother Jeff.

It has been long rumoured that WWE has wanted Matt and Jeff Hardy in their broken characters, particularly Triple H. WWE even copied Impact Wrestling’s Final Deletion involving The New Day and The Wyatt Family.

Jeff Hardy’s always been open about his desire to have one more run in WWE and retire there. It will be a huge homecoming for The Hardy Boyz, who will hopefully be able to use their “Broken” characters. Impact Wrestling claims to have rights to the “Broken” Matt Hardy gimmick, though Matt himself created the character. However, the Hardyz have been using their “Broken” gimmick on the indies as well.

The potential of the “Broken” Hardyz in WWE is enormous. They can be among the top selling merchandise. “Delete” chants have been chanted by crowds on Monday Night RAW, so that goes to show how widespread the impact of Hardyz was.

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