Matt Hardy Discusses Decision To Turn Private Party Heel, How It Was Tony Khan’s Suggestion


On the latest edition of the Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy the Broken One spoke about AEW tag team Private Party, and the decision to turn them heel after joining forces with him last year. Hardy says that this was the suggestion of president Tony Khan, but it was something Hardy was 100% behind. Highlights are below.

Says Tony Khan suggested Private Party’s heel turn to Matt Hardy at an IMPACT event:

I’ll tell you this, as far as turning Private Party heel, whenever we went to IMPACT and did those tapings and their television which led to one of their bigger shows, like one of their bigger IMPACT app, IMPACT+ shows, whatever….Tony, there is when he said like,’ I think these guys can be heels.’ He said, ‘What do you think?’ I said, ‘Oh, yeah, man, let’s do this.’

How he felt Private Party had a lot of momentum after turning heel:

That’s where he openly gave me the green light to turn them heel. He was committed to it. Just some of the work that they did. They were a little more aggressive. I know we had a lot of momentum, too, at that time showing up on IMPACT and then they turned heel while those IMPACT tapings were airing. It was really cool and there was a lot of momentum behind us together as a unit.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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