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Matt Hardy and Jim Cornette Trade Words On Twitter Regarding AEW


AEW superstar Matt Hardy responded to a fan on Twitter earlier today who questioned whether Big Money cared about legendary personality Jim Cornette’s criticisms of AEW, something Cornette has not shied away from since the promotion began in 2019. Hardy writes, “In the past, I’ve responded to some of his cult over their #BROKEN Matt hate to enhance my heel persona. Done with that. Diehard @AEW fans view me as a heel, so I’m just gonna be me, be real going forward. Had great respect for JC early on, not into his current shock jock gig.”

Cornette would see Hardy’s tweet and answer back with, “Not a gig, Matt, just my real opinions since I’m done with this dog & pony show some of you guys call wrestling these days. A shame what’s happened to the business. Had great respect for you when you didn’t teleport to other dimensions and change clothes in a fucking ice machine.”

Hardy ended the back and forth with, “To each their own. You’re entitled to your opinion & I’m entitled to mine.”

See the entire exchange below.

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