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Matt Cardona Defeats Nick Gage To Become GCW Champion At Last Night’s Homecoming Event, Fans Throw Beer At Cardona


Matt Cardona is your new GCW champion.

The Long Island boy defeated deathmatch king and GCW favorite Nick Gage at last night’s Homecoming event in Atlantic City after he nailed the MDK leader with his signature Radio Silence finisher, an ending that had the GCW faithful shocked. As he celebrated Cardona would be showered with beers from fans as he quickly flee’d the venue in celebration.

Cardona would take to Twitter afterwards to discuss his experience against Gage. He writes, “I haven’t slept…I’m at the airport…my back is still bleeding…I’m the NEW @GCWrestling_WORLD CHAMP…and I’m flying to @Disneyland! #AlwayzReady #StillHere #DeathMatchKing.”

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