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Mark Henry Heaps Praise On ‘Emmy Worthy’ Paul Heyman


Mark Henry has been following the saga of Paul Heyman, Roman Reigns, and Brock Lesnar over the years. 

On a recent edition of Busted Open, the WWE Hall Of Famer praised Heyman for his “Emmy-worthy” performances while representing the two top stars.

“Paul Heyman, from the beginning, when he decided to take up Roman Reigns after leaving Brock Lesnar and the whole confliction, ‘Okay I’m gonna go back with Brock. I’m gonna go where the title is.’

“Paul Heyman with his ability to grovel and beg and put himself in a spot of servitude to Roman Reigns is Emmy-worthy. The performance that he puts on every week, it is awe-inspiring when it comes to handling a microphone.”

H/T to SportsKeeda Wrestling for the transcription.

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