Maria Kanellis Says She Has Partnered Up With Pro Wrestling TV


Maria Kanellis issued the following on her personal Instagram account announcing that she has partnered up with Pro Wrestling TV and will be an executive producer of content for the network. Full details can be found below.

Announcement: I am now partnering with @prowtv to produce and create new and diverse content for the streaming service!!! On April 13th, I will be giving a teaser to what the first show will be. I am so incredibly honored and excited for the opportunity to create content that inspires and documents the lives of the talented individuals of our industry!! I have fought for 18 years to get to where I am today and now it’s time to give back and provide opportunities for the next generation or tell the stories of the veterans that don’t get the credit they deserve. I want to build off the lessons I learned last year in @ringofhonor with the understanding that my number one job will always be to listen.

While entering this role as executive producer of content what’s next?

What would you like to see?

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