Lucas Buades is not well at all


Victim of an attack by a Bordeaux supporter just after opening the scoring during the Bordeaux-Rodez match, Lucas Buades is at the heart of the debates. If the attack he suffered is no debate, the Ruthénois is the target of criticism. The reason ? For many, the images of his attack cast doubt on the diagnosis made by doctors, namely that the player suffered from a concussion. But faced with this media surge, especially on social networks, the player’s lawyer, Me Karine Shebabo, was indignant.

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“This story becomes the subject of the craziest rantings, one can only be appalled by this kind of reaction. It was neither the club nor the player who stopped the match, it was the referee, a protocol was followed, there was a breach of security, of persons or property. He is very clear, he was hit in the larynx, there was a shock to the larynx and the author is notably being prosecuted for violence. And what we expected from the club which received, it is to inquire about the state of the victim and, until today, we are still waiting. (…) The news is not great, unfortunately. Because of this severe concussion, he is not at all in top form, he has accumulated medical appointments since the facts, he must see a neurosurgeon in a few days. And in addition, the context means that he is the object of an outpouring of hate messages, death threats aimed at him and his entourage. It’s bewildering and terrifying. He is bruised and I do not have the feeling that we are calling for calm, and I believe that we must call for calm before something more serious happens.she said in The Team.

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