LoL Patch 13.11 – How will Riot balance the mid-season meta?


The LoL Patch 13.11 will aim to balance out some overpowered stuff from the mid-season patch. Let’s see how Riot plans to tweak things around.

patch 13.11

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LoL Patch 13.11 Notes

Riot pushed out the mid-season Patch 13.10 on May 18 and with such a big amount of changes coming all at once, it’s expected to see high levels of volatility and imbalances across all roles and champions.

Based on the initial impressions by some of the professional coaches like Team Heretics’ coach Christopher “SeeEl” Lee, ADCs seem to be stronger than ever, especially those who can take advantage of the new Guinsoo Rageblade. We’ll continue to update the impressions in the upcoming days.




After releasing the initial mid-scope changes for Ivern, Riot publicly announced it won’t be shipping anymore since players weren’t satisfied with the tweaks. Instead, Riot will be bringing some QOL changes, as well as some buffs with the hopes of pushing him up the ranks.

There will also be a Rell mid-scope update coming, the last one after Neeko and the now-canceled Ivern update. Below you can find all the planned changes for her.

The new Patch 13.11 will also release the Worlds skins from last year’s World champions, DRX. They are currently available on the PBE servers and a total of six champions will be getting the special skin line.

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How will the upcoming patch impact the meta?

It’s still early to make any judgment on the patch since Patch 13.10 just came out. I will be adding some of the initial impressions in the upcoming days and see if there’s anything that needs to be addressed right away. For now, however, players will have to keep on testing out all the changes and see which champions or builds are more successful.

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