LIV and PGA Tour, new appointment in court


In the last period the two Tours had concentrated on the sporting side of the season, the PGA Tour with The Players Championship, the fifth Major, and the LIV Golf with the appointment in Tucson, the second tournament of the season, the first in the United States . But this week everything is back to “normal”.

LIV Golf and PGA Tour, statements

On Wednesday evening, the pool of lawyers of the Saudi League filed a complaint with the Federal Court, in the context of the pending case for violation of the antitrust law.

LIV Golf is challenging the PGA Tour for sabotage that resulted in the cancellation of an agreement reached with a media outlet for the broadcast of LIV events.

In particular, the documentation presented by the lawyers contains a request to call Thierry Pascal, general manager of the International Media division of the PGA Tour, to testify.

“Based on the documents in the possession of the Tour and some other sources, LIV believes that Mr. Pascal used illegal methods to dissuade numerous broadcasters in the international markets from signing broadcasting contracts with LIV Golf and even from disseminating news about LIV events in their News sections.”

LIV’s lawyers say that most of Pascal’s activities took place in person, and therefore cannot be traced.

But, according to what was claimed by the lawyers, following Pascal’s interventions, the counterparties ceased any form of negotiation with LIV.

The most serious accusation concerns an already signed contract, canceled after the alleged intervention of Pascal.

“Because of his behavior and his efforts to conceal all this, Mr. Pascal is a key witness.”

LIV Golf claims that because of all this, it has signed a contract with a secondary network (the CW Network), for which LIV Golf represents the first experience in the world of sport.

Thierry Pascal’s deposition is set for Monday.

The PGA Tour has requested that testimony take place via videoconference, not in person.

LIV Golf is a professional golf tour. The name “LIV” refers to the Roman numerals for 54, the score if every hole on a par-72 course had been scored with birdies, and the number of holes to be played in LIV events.

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