Lita Talks About Bianca Belair Having “Intangible Star Quality”, Comments on Her Future


WWE Hall of Famer Lita recently spoke with The Sun in the UK at this link. Lita gave big props to WWE NXT Superstar Bianca Belair in the interview.

“Down at the performance center, all the guys at NXT are in the ring every day and in class,” Lita said. “They have everything they need to learn and there is so much talent in regards to physical ability and thinking about their character. But for someone to have that intangible star factor… Bianca Belair, along with some other the others there, is very talented. She’s physically gifted, a great attitude, and when I very first saw her she had that intangible star quality that I just want to see more.”

Lita continued the praise for Belair and commented on her hair-whip signature move.

“Every time I see her I just want to see more. I can’t wait to see where her career goes,” Lita continued. “It’s crazy… no-one has ever used their hair as a weapon. It’s so cool how she thought of that and how it works. She sure has that star quality and uniqueness.”

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