Lionel Messi upset the PSG staff!


The Argentinian striker has pissed off his PSG leaders by flying to Saudi Arabia without their agreement.

Lionel Messi’s trip to Saudi Arabia could interfere with the end of the PSG season. As if the Ile-de-France club weren’t already entangled enough in problems, this affair has shaken up the leader of Ligue 1 even more and it is not said that it will not leave traces.

PSG should not sanction Messi

La Pulga’s trip to Saudi Arabia had been planned for a long time. But his trainer, Christophe Galtier, and his sports director, Luis Campos, were not aware. He asked them for permission to go to the Gulf at the very last moment and did not get it. The sevenfold Ballon d’Or chose to do without and left Paris with his family as soon as the match against Lorient ended (1-2). It was also the 2e time in a week that he was going abroad to recharge his batteries after his trip to Barcelona last week.

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Messi therefore presented his club with a fait accompli. An approach that is likely to make people talk, because it came at the very moment when Luis Campos reframed the pro group by asking for the sacred union. The rest of the team was deprived of two days off and had to get back to work on Monday morning. If he wanted to show that he was a privileged within this team, the world champion could not do otherwise.

To lead by example and prove that the club remains above everything, the Parisian management will have to crack down. Unless of course we fear a conflict with the Argentine star. It is rumored that we have not yet lost hope of having it extended and under these conditions it would be better not to offend the number 30 of the team. Even if it means creating even more tension in the locker room and making a fool of yourself in the eyes of the world.

Lionel Messi upset the PSG staff! 24hfootnews.

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