Lionel Messi finally breaks the silence


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Silent since the coronation of Argentina, Lionel Messi (35) gave his first interview. An exclusivity he granted to Andy Kusnetzoff with whom he exchanged on the radio Urbana Play. The 2022 world champion returned to his adventure in Qatar and the triumph of his country. His words are relayed by brand. “I always thank God. I knew he was going to give me a World Cup, I don’t know, I felt it. It was crazy, the happiness of people, adults, children, of all ages, the happiness they had was inexplicable (…) Everything I imagined was tiny compared to what really happened. to pass. Living it with people, my feelings, those of my friends, my family, from all over Argentina, was much more than I imagined, and I didn’t imagine much. But in the end it was much more.

Then he talked about his daily life in Qatar. “With Antonella (his wife), we continued to do throughout the World Cup what we usually do: we talked before going to sleep but without talking too much about the game, or anything special. We did the same routine every day before matches. We repeated the same thing, but it was very quiet, I slept very well. Throughout the World Cup, I was very relaxed, I felt that we were fine, that I was fine, that we were doing everything to make it happen. I had great peace of mind. I was able to sleep well.” The recipe for success finally for the Argentine footballer.

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