Lana Not Happy With The Look Of Her WWE 2K19 Character


WWE 2K19 revealed on Twitter what Lana’s character will look like in the upcoming game release (October 5th). Lana had some criticism over the render and took to Twitter to voice her displeasure. Lana wrote: “Who is this ?????? Never have I worn that gear or wrestled with short hair so I am very confused who this women is.”

When Rusev commented on his own reveal, Lana replied with more negative: “At least you actually look like how you go out to the ring”

WWE 2K19 retweeted this side by side comparison:

Lana even commented on her character’s overall rating number (70): “Don’t worry @WWEUniverse the #LanaDay score is not low because this is actually Tonya Harding the professional figure skater making her in ring debut on the @WWEgames ! Can’t wait to see the #RavishingRussian”

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