LaLiga worried about next season


LaLiga has communicated the salary caps of its clubs, after the winter transfer window. As it stands, Barça is quiet. The levers still have an effect on his budget. But that will no longer be the case next summer. The authority expressed its concern.

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This Monday, LaLiga communicated the salary caps for Spanish clubs, following the winter transfer window. The body announced that Barca’s ceiling had been reduced from 656.43 million to 648.82 million euros. The reason is related to the premature elimination from the Champions League, while the club had budgeted participation in the other rounds. Nothing important. But the affairs of the Catalan club could get complicated with a view to the next summer. LaLiga should indeed greatly reduce its permissions.

Towards a reduction in the wage bill of 200 million

According to information published by ace And brand, Barça will have to reduce its payroll by 200 million euros during the summer transfer window. Javier Gomez, cooperative general manager of LaLiga, expects the Blaugrana club to experience difficulties, especially since the departures of Gerard Pique and Antoine Griezmann have already been compiled. The manager recalled that the club would have to play in a stadium with less capacity, that they would receive 40 million euros less on their TV rights due to the levers and that there would be losses linked to the pandemic which would not would not yet be included in the accounts.

Mateu Alemany had mentioned the likelihood that the club’s wage bill would reach 450 to 470 million euros in July. Except he would not have counted 100 million euros related to the workforce “unregisterable”, which corresponds to the expenses of the academy, the other sections and the branches. Suffice to say that Catalan leaders should have a lot of work to do in the coming months to bring finances into line with regulations and take on the big lifestyle. Not to mention the repercussions of Barçagate…

LaLiga worried about next season 24hfootnews.

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