Kurt Angle Talks If He Regrets Leaving WWE For TNA, Dream Opponents For Kenny Omega, The Revival


Yesterday, Kurt Angle did another fan Q&A on his Facebook page. Here are some of the highlights:

If Kenny Omega came to WWE, who would you like Omega to face?

“Seth Rollins or AJ Styles. I’d love a shot at Kenny as well. I have a list of dream opponents that I would like to compete against. These three are in the list.”

Any regrets about leaving WWE early and going to TNA?

“I can’t. I had a great career in TNA, maybe better than my WWE career. I had a reduced schedule there. And I wrestled so many greats AJ, Joe, Sting, Roode…To name a few. My body couldn’t hold up to the rigorous schedule in WWE at the time. I always imagine the career I could have had if I stayed in WWE. It would have been incredible, but I couldn’t stay so I can’t keep asking myself ‘What if?'”

If he teamed up with Shawn Michaels, which tag team would he like to wrestle?

“Tag teams? Cesaro and Shaemus or The Usos. But the most cohesive tag team right now is…The Revival. They are amazing together as a unit. Great things coming from them.”

Should those interested in wrestling get an education first or start as young as possible to get matches under their belt?

“Education first! You’re still young after you graduate college. If you skip college and promise yourself you’ll go back and graduate later on in life, there’s a 99 percent chance you won’t. Get your degree. Then focus on wrestling.”

Writing a biography?

“Yes. Someday. I have a documentary I’m making right now. I’m excited to show all of you my entire life story. Stay tuned.”

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