Kurt Angle Talks His Relationship With Sting, On A Possible Future Showdown, Sting’s Success In WCW and more


On the latest edition of his Kurt Angle Show WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle spoke about his relationship with current AEW superstar and pro-wrestling legend Sting. The Olympic Hero doesn’t believe he’ll get the chance to collide with the Stinger again in-ring, but commends him as one of the best people he’s ever met. That and more can be found in the highlights below.

Doesn’t believe he’ll ever face the Stinger again:

“Well considering I’m 52 and Sting’s a lot older than I am, I’d say the chances are no, slim to none. For many reasons, we’re too old. We’re not too old to wrestle younger guys, you wrestle a younger guy who can spice up the match and make it a little more interesting, you can have some great matches still. When you start losing a step and you’re both older and both lost a step, it’s really hard to make that up.”

How a younger wrestler could still pull a good match out of an older one:

“Undertaker vs. Goldberg, they were both up in age but if you put Goldberg with Brock Lesnar or Undertaker with AJ Styles, or switch them around, you’re going to get a great match. The younger guy keeps the match flowing, keeps the match moving. To have two older guys who should most likely be retired but they can still go, it’s going to be a lot more difficult to have a successful match.”

On his relationship with Sting:

“We hit it off from the start. We got along perfectly well, we had a lot in common. He was just one of the most humble people I had ever talked to. I can’t believe that he was a part of WCW at a time where things there were very political and guys were stabbing each other in the back. For Sting, as nice as he is and as generous as he is, it’s crazy that he had that much success in that company, that’s just outlandish. He’s such a great guy, he’s one of the most solid guys I’ve ever met.”

(H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)

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