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Konnan Questions If Top AEW Star Is Invested In Pro Wrestling


According to Konnan, one top star of AEW may not consider pro wrestling to be his primary interest. Who has a greater career trajectory ahead of them in professional wrestling? Dominik Mysterio in WWE or Hook in AEW? was a mailbag question that Konnan, co-hosts Disco Inferno and Joe Feeney, read on the most recent edition of Keeping It 100.

After learning that Hook is more interested in fashion design and isn’t as invested in the squared circle, Inferno immediately remarks Mysterio. Feeney, for his part, thinks Hook is more inclined to pursue acting. According to Konnan, one top star of AEW also has a similar worldview.

“Darby Allin said the same thing,” Konnan mentioned (H/T to Wrestling Inc). “Like ‘I like skateboarding more than wrestling.’” 

Allin has worked hard to make his skating and wrestling associated since joining AEW. For his matches, he always skates down to the ring and, in some situations, uses it as a weapon.

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