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Kevin Patrick Opens Up On His First Few Weeks As WWE Raw Lead Announcer


Raw commentators Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick had Paul Heyman on the latest episode of WWE After The Bell to preview last Saturday’s WWE Crown Jewel. 

During it, Patrick  looked back on his first few weeks as Raw’s lead announcer. Patrick is getting better at knowing when to lay out and remain silent during a segment or moment versus when it is appropriate to speak.

“I think the feel for it, if that makes any sense at all [Patrick said when asked what he is learning the most about doing commentary on Raw]. That smell and feel for every single moment within a three-hour show is quite complicated and I know you’ll [Corey Graves] totally agree with that. You’ve been part of this business for way more than half your life, right Gravey? And yet I’m sure when you jumped into commentary, at first, that feel for do I jump in right now? Wait, let this breathe. Roman’s about to say something in front of the camera like he did as he’s leaving ringside on Monday. Just shut up, lay out, leave it be. But at other moments, I’m figuring out that I need to jump in maybe a little bit quicker. It’s all completely and utterly nuanced throughout the entire show and it’s figuring out that feel I think which will take time. It’s not something that you’re gonna jump in and on your Thursday in a work week, have that totally and utterly figured out. It’s a privilege, it’s an absolute joy to be in this role and I hope folks will take to me and take to us in time.”

Quotes via POST Wrestling

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