Kevin Owens Tells Roman Reigns To Not Forget Him


Roman Reigns successfully retained the WWE Universal Title against Kevin Owens over the course of a few months in late 2020 into early 2021.
Owens sent a message to Reigns during an appearance on today’s Talking Smack by telling him to not forget about him.

“When I was the Universal Champion the first time, I did not enjoy it at all,” Owens admitted. “I was obsessed with being the best possible champion that I could be…I didn’t enjoy any of it.
“But this is where I’ve changed. When I become the Universal Champion again, I’m gonna love every second of it. Just know this: If Roman Reigns doesn’t lose the title to Cesaro. And if he doesn’t lose to someone else before I get to him, again, I’m going to take the title. Don’t forget about me. Don’t make the mistake to think that I’m gone because I am not going anywhere.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc

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