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Kevin Nash Talks The German Suplex Being Dangerous, Hates The Knife Edge Chop, Thoughts On Piledrivers


On the latest edition of his Kliq This podcast WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash spoke about a number of different pro-wrestling maneuvers, which included his thoughts on the German Suplex, the knife edge chop, and the piledriver, three “dangerous” moves he doesn’t think are necessary to tell a good story inside the squared circle. Highlights are below.

Says the German Suplex is a dangerous maneuver:

“Nobody got hurt until the German. Nobody ever broke their neck when I first broke in. But then all of a sudden that German Suplex comes in.”

His dislike of the Knife Edge chop:

“Jericho and Danielson had that match in AEW, where I lost count. I just don’t get it. I lost count. Why is it ‘I give you one. You sell it. You give me one. I sell it?’ Why is it ‘I give you one. You sell it. You give me one. I sell it?’ I used to like when Ricky The Dragon Steamboat would send them off [the rope] and drop to one knee and do like a Steven Seagal-ish chop.”

How Flair would use the chop then trade a punch:

“Our management just immediately outlawed that [the knife edge chop.] When you chop somebody [for real] that’s right below using a handgun. The list goes ‘Firearm, knife edge chop. Ric would chop me, but Ric would always follow it up with a punch. Chop. Punch. So the chop could give him a chance to fire his f punch. But they’re not doing that [anymore.] There’s psychology for why it would or wouldn’t work.”

Believes piledrivers should remain outlawed:

“Piledrivers are another one. I mean that almost paralyzed Steve [Austin.] I’ve never given one. I don’t take backdrops and I don’t give backdrops. There are certain things you have to do in order to f***** have a pro-wrestling match. Like running the ropes is one of them.”

(H/T and transcribed by Sescoops)

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