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Kayla Braxton Reflects On Co-Hosting WWE Talking Smack With Paul Heyman


Kayla Braxton made an appearance on Out of Character with Ryan Satin to discuss a wide range of topics. 

During it, she reflected on working with Paul Heyman while they were the co-hosts of Talking Smack: 

“That was such a fun era of that show. I loved working with Paul. I didn’t know him well before we started doing that. I was like, who is this loud, obnoxious man that I have to sit next to who talks over me the whole time and just hijacks the show? Then after like a few weeks, I’m like, the mind of that man. He’s just such a brilliant human being and I can’t ever say enough good things about how much he’s helped me grow. I don’t think if I hosted that show with anybody else that I would have flourished as much as I think I had over the last couple of years. He gets it. He’s been around for forever. I hope we can do something again down the line because he was fun to work with.”

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