Kane and Tom Prichard to Open Wrestling School, Big Show Note, Tye Dillinger Backstage Video


– Below is video of Dasha Fuentes talking to Tye Dillinger backstage at this week’s WWE SmackDown. Dillinger says he has a fracture in his hand from the attack by Randy Orton last week. Dillinger says time heals everything and the way he sees it – he’s not done with Orton because the world has seen what Orton can do but Orton hasn’t seen what Dillinger can do.

– The WWE Stats Twitter account noted that Big Show was the only Superstar to compete on SmackDown’s first episode in 1999 and the 999th episode this week. Show lost to Randy Orton in the main event this week, which was a World Cup qualifier. No word yet on if Show will be appearing at SmackDown 1000 next week.

– WWE veterans Kane (Glenn Jacobs) and Dr. Tom Prichard are opening a new pro wrestling school with the Bandit Wrestling promotion in Knoxville, Tennessee. The name will be The Jacobs – Prichard Wrestling Academy. They will be appearing at the Bandit live event on Sunday, October 21 at Knoxville Sports to officially announce the school. Below is video of Prichard revealing the new school with Kane at a recent appearance:

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