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Kamille Recalls Starting Out With The NWA, Talks Being Paired With Nick Aldis


NWA Women’s Champion Kamille recently joined the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast to discuss a wide range of pro-wrestling-related topics. Here are the highlights: 

Starting out with the NWA:

“Dave Lagana, who was helping out when NWA first started, always kept his eye on new talent. He always had this vision for me and what sort of character I could play, but never really had an opening for it. Then Nick (Aldis) had that thing going on with Cody Rhodes and Cody Rhodes had Brandi. So for NWA 70, it was like, Okay, well, what can we do to kind of equalize Brandi? Lagana was like, ‘Light bulb. I have this person that I’ve been keeping my eye on.’ At that point, I actually thought I was done wrestling. Life happened. Most people in wrestling have retired from wrestling at least once. So I thought I was done wrestling. Then Lagana sent me a message and was like, ‘Hey, are you really doing wrestling?’ I was kind of missing it at that point and so I just said, ‘I’m not sure. Why? What do you got for me?’ Then he told me the idea. I thought it was the perfect way to kind of dip my toe back into the industry and worked out from there. I’ve been here for four years now.”

Being paired with Nick Aldis:

“I wasn’t actually wrestling so it was the perfect way to dip my toe back in the industry to see if I still wanted to be involved in it. That was great for me. Then at that time, too, and I’m not saying that we reinvented the wheel or anything like that, but at that time, there was nobody doing that. There was no one doing it. It was definitely like, I think, a really interesting dynamic for people to see.”

“Nick also didn’t want to bring in a really girly type of valet. Everybody knows he’s married to Mickie James. He didn’t want people questioning like, well, what’s that about? We very much wanted that line to be like, no, this is just an insurance policy, bodyguard, like that’s what it is. So he really wanted to make sure to get that across.”

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