Juan Postigo won for the first time on the G4D


Spaniard Juan Postigo (73, 72, +1) won for the first time on the G4D Tour in Abu Dhabi by two strokes ahead of Canadian Kurtis Barkley (76, 71, +3). In third place the Irishman Brendan Lawlor (77, 71, +4). Tommaso Perrino finishes in seventh place with 154 total shots (77, 77, +10).

Juan Postigo, statements

“It’s fantastic” said Postigo “I’ve been playing quite well since last year, but the victory never came. This is the best way to start 2023 and I really hope to win again. I played quite well, on a regular basis”.

I know Brendan is very strong, also in the two rounds I always played with Barkley, it was really a tough battle, but in the end this time I won. I made two serious yardage errors on the 18th hole: they had moved the tee forward, so I shouldn’t have used the driver… in fact I ended up in the water. I also got the distance to the flag wrong… but in the end I managed to bring home the trophy”.

With this victory Juan Postigo becomes the n. 1 of the new G4D Order of Merit, which enters from this competition, and which will crown the best player of the G4D Tour at the end of the year.

This is the ranking of the order of merit updated on 14.01.2023

1 Juan Postigo 156.00
2 Kurtis Barkley 144.00
3 Kipp Popert 100.00
4 Brendan Lawlor 100.00
5 Mike Browne 92.00
6 David Watts 40.00
7 Bradley Smith 32.00
8 Johan Kammerstad 32.00
9 Tommaso Perrino 32.00
10 Geoffrey Nicholas 28.00
11 Cameron Pollard 4.00 pm
12 Conor Stones 4.00pm
13 Jeremy Bittner 8.00
14 Stephen Priors 4.00

From 13 to 14 January 2023 at the Abu Dhabi Golf Club there will be the second round of the 2023 season of the G4D Tour. The eight players with disabilities called up are: Brendan Lawlor, Juan Postigo, Kurtis Barkley, Tommaso Perrino, Mike Browne, Bradley Smith, Jeremy Bittner and Geoff Nicholas.

As already mentioned, the second season of the G4D Tour (Golf for the Disabled Tour) features an expanded calendar of eight events in six countries, with the introduction of a seasonal order of merit to determine the No. 1 player. The current winner , Kipp Popert, who won four titles in the inaugural season, picked up his fifth G4D Tour victory at the Australian All Abilities Championship, which opened the season last December.

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