Jon Rahm, another winning year for Spanish


Whether Jon Rahm’s season is good or bad depends on how you look at it. He has won twice, the first in Mexico back in May and the second at the Spanish Open, in a new mass bath in Madrid, already in October. It would be unfair to describe a season with two victories as bad, we already know how expensive it is to win in this deal. But it’s also true that never since 2017, the first time he played a full major schedule, had he been outside the Top-10 in all of them (his best was 12th at the US Open).

Jon Rahm, results

It is still a bump that is not going to be repeated often, but it does convey a feeling of cold after uncorking the bottle of the greats last year. If there is any doubt, it is because the best is always expected of him and he has always aimed for the stars. And because the numbers do not say everything, and in sections he has left the impression that the greens and their surroundings were choking on him, accustomed as we were to his skill on that terrain. What to expect in 2023? There are already seven victories on the tour and he is an established star, so the maximum, without dramatizing if another ‘black leg’ trophy does not fall, that he is still 28 years old.

Sergio García has not had the season of his life. His top in the LIV has been a fourth place and in the majors the 23rd in Augusta, missing the cut at the PGA and the US Open. He blew up at St. Andrews, hurt with the European tour and some of his teammates. But he has had a joy in the young Eugenio Chacarra, whom he has sponsored in the Fireballs, the franchise in which they fit within the LIV. The 22-year-old from Madrid, in his first professional adventure, prevailed in Thailand and became the Spaniard who has won the most money in a single sporting event, 4.8 million euros. He is a talented player who has signed three years with the Saudi structure and has not closed the doors of other circuits, since he has never been a member of them.

Jon Rahm Rodríguez (Barrika, November 10, 1994) is a Spanish golfer.

Already number 1 in the world rankings of amateur golf, for a record 60 weeks, he reached the first place of the official ranking after winning the Memorial Tournament in July 2020, then returning to occupy the top position following the victory of the U.S. Open in June 2021: he was the first Spaniard to triumph in the prestigious tournament.

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