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Johnny Gargano Says Creative Discussed Using David Arquette As Ghostface At Halloween Havoc 2020


On his latest Twitch Stream former NXT triple-crown champion and current free agent Johnny Gargano spoke about his time in NXT working with Austin Theory, and revealed that creative almost used David Arquette for an angle back in 2020. Highlights are below.

Says creative did discuss potentially bringing in David Arquette to be behind the Scream Mask at Halloween Havoc 2020:

“I kind of just made an offhanded joke, Oh, hopefully, it’s a Scream mask guy and then that ended up being the Scream mask. At one point, there was thought there were talks of having it be revealed as David Arquette, that obviously didn’t happen. But it was discussed at one point.”

Says he’s really proud of Austin Theory:

“This past year, I kind of made it my goal/mission to try to help as many people as possible and you know, set everything up for the future. That obviously Austin and Indi are two people that we wanted to help and put on a platform and give them a platform to be able to succeed for a long time with this company. They’re very, very young. They have amazing talent. As you can see Austin’s doing great stuff on Raw right now. He’s so young, like so young, and now he’s actually comfortable now. So I think he’s going to do amazing things. Hopefully, he’s going to be champion.”

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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