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John Cena Talks Origin Of ‘You Can’t See Me,’ Which WWE Star Should Be A Global Ambassador, NXT


Yesterday, John Cena took part in a Q&A at MegaCon in Orlando, Florida and talked about which WWE star could help promote WWE around the world, “You can’t see me,” and appearing on NXT. Here are some of the highlights:

Where “You can’t see me!” originated:

“I didn’t know what else to say. And I figured if I somehow mastered a superpower it would give me an advantage over all my competition. So, I worked in a sorcery type way to master the power of invisibility. The truth behind that story is my youngest brother dared me to do a dance similar to [the ‘You can’t see me!’ taunt] on television. I’m a sucker for a dare and I didn’t want to blatantly rip-off the dance, so I just changed the move, and realized how ridiculous I looked when I did that, so I felt I should say something. And what came out was ‘You can’t see me!’ which was even more ridiculous.”

Appearing on NXT TV:

“I would love to be on the television show. I’ve been around the Raw and SmackDown Superstars for a long time and I recently went to the WWE Performance Center and spoke to the NXT Superstars for over six hours in a forum like this to answer their questions. I was so inspired by how hard they work and how hungry they are that it made me want to perform with them. So, I hope one day that I actually perform on an NXT television show.”


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