Joe Lacob Looking Into Possible Bid In Angels’ Sale


The Angels are one of two MLB teams currently up for sale. Owner Arte Moreno announced in August he was exploring sale possibilities.While Moreno still seems to be sorting through his options, a few names have emerged as potential candidates for a run at the franchise.

Last September, Sportico reported that Los Angeles Times owner Patrick Soon-Shiong was among those exploring a bid. Another potential entrant confirmed some interest in the franchise this afternoon.

Joe Lacob, owner of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, tells Tim Kawakami of the Athletic he’s looking into the possibility of a bid. “It’s been reported that we’re looking at it, and that’s true,” Lacob said in an appearance on Kawakami’s podcast. “I don’t know what we’re going to do yet. I grew up (in Anaheim); it’s a little bit of an attraction for me.” Lacob went on to note it “wouldn’t be the easiest thing in the world to do” because it’s not close to the San Francisco area where the Warriors play but called an Angels pursuit “maybe doable.”

Lacob, a billionaire who made his fortune in venture capital investments, was part of a group that purchased the Warriors in July 2010. That franchise has had immense success in the decade-plus since, winning four championships. He suggested he’d also have interest in a run at either the Giants or A’s if those Bay Area franchises ever came up for sale, although a successful bid for the Angels would obviously make that a moot point.

While Lacob’s comments fall well short of a commitment at a serious run for the Anaheim franchise, it’s notable to hear that’s at least under some consideration. The timetable for the sale process is still uncertain; commissioner Rob Manfred said at last month’s Winter Meetings the team was hopeful of completing it by Opening Day.

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