Jinder Mahal Wonders Why He Wasn’t As Celebrated As Drew McIntyre When He Was Champion, Says He Laid The Blueprint For His Run


WWE star and former world champion Jinder Mahal was a guest on today’s Backlash edition of The Bump to talk about his 3MB partner Drew McINtyre, and questions why the Scottish Psychopath received more hype as WWE champion than he did. That and more can be found in the highlights below.

Says he should be celebrated as much as Drew McIntyre for becoming champion:

“So, my problem is not with Drew. My problem is with the idea that Drew McIntyre was celebrated as a champion. Like he overcame such enormous odds. Let’s back it up. Me and Drew were a part of 3MB together. Me and Drew got released the exact same date. I made it back to WWE faster, better, I became WWE Champion faster than Drew McIntyre, yet I wasn’t celebrated. I was called ‘the experiment’ or whatever. I don’t have a book right now. Drew has a book. Drew is doing media nonstop. You know, this is like one of the only times I’ve done media in the last few months. Why am I not celebrated the same way Drew McIntyre is celebrated?”

Discusses the parallels of their championship runs:

“Our stories are parallel. You know, just because you don’t hear about my hardships in life doesn’t mean I’ve had an easy route to the WWE or becoming WWE champion. I’ve had just as many challenges as Drew has had. Yet, I’m not acknowledged, right? So, my problem is not with Drew. It’s the idea that Drew is celebrated. Why am I not celebrated? I did it, you know, in better fashion than Drew.”

Says he showed McIntyre the way to become champion:

“I bet if I didn’t become WWE Champion, Drew wouldn’t have. You know why? Because I showed him the way. You know the story of, I think it’s the four-minute mile I believe, or whatever. I think it’s the first man to — no one had ever run a mile in four minutes until one person did. Since that one person did, many hundreds of people have done it ever since. So, showed Drew the way. I laid the blueprint down for Drew. Drew followed the same game plan that I did. Come back, best shape possible, target the biggest guy, make an impact. But here we are.”

Says McIntyre motivated him through injury:

“You know, I’m injured, I’m on the sidelines. Drew is celebrated. How do you think that makes me feel? You talk about what motivated me through the rehab? That. Drew McIntyre motivated me, in a different way than I motivated him.”

(H/T and transcribed by 411 Mania)

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