Jim Mackay was impressed by Tiger Woods


Caddy of Justin Thomas and for a very long time on the bag of Phil Mickelson, Jim “Bones” Mackay was particularly impressed during the PNC Championship by the game offered by Tiger Woods. According to him, 2023 could be the year of the great return of the Tiger…

Jim “Bones” Mackay, statements

Jim “Bones” Mackay knows what he’s talking about. For more than twenty years on the bag of Phil Mickelson, ex-consultant for Golf Channel and now full-time caddy of Justin Thomas, the American is a respected and listened voice in the golf landerneau. So when he says he is impressed by the game provided by Tiger Woods during the last PNC Championship played in Orlando (Florida) last weekend, we can easily believe him.

“Although I was impressed with Charlie’s (Tiger Woods’ son) performance, I have to say that Tiger’s play was outstanding, especially when you know where he comes from,” he said. underlined, alluding here to the terrible car accident suffered by the Tiger in February 2021.

“There are a lot of things that I liked this week, he added. But nothing impressed me more than the game offered by Tiger. Let’s not forget that 2023 is a Ryder Cup year. (…) I am excited about what he will do in the coming months. I think it will make a little more noise. Guys who would like to play with him on a tournament Sunday are going to get their money’s worth…”

Still diminished and despite “magic” shots according to observers, Tiger Woods and his son, Charlie, only 13, finished 8th in the PNC Championship, six lengths behind the winners, Vijay Singh and his son, Qass.

In 2014 Tiger became the first sportsman in the world to have exceeded a billion dollars in earnings between victories and sponsors. In 2019, US President Donald Trump awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the United States of America.

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