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Jim Cornette Rips AEW For Reportedly Talking With CM Punk About Contract Buyout


Jim Cornette gave his thoughts on various topics on his Jim Cornette Experience.

During it, Cornette spoke about where things stand between AEW and CM Punk. 

It looks like CM Punk is on his way out of AEW as the promotion is reportedly in talks with the former world Champion about buying out his contract, with the only hang-up being the non-compete period. There has been speculation about Punk potentially returning to WWE should AEW buy out his contract.

“Apparently now the information has trickled out, or dripped out, or trickled down and dripped or whatever the case, that [CM] Punk and AEW are negotiating, potentially, this has not been confirmed. We haven’t seen documentation of this, but that’s the story going around. Punk and AEW are working on a contract buyout, and that the hold-up is a non-compete clause.

So the one good thing that has happened to this company over the last year, they get a major star, he produces ratings, he produces gates, he produces good television, he produces good matches, and Tony Khan cannot keep his f*cking nursery school from f*cking up this goddamn deal and p*ssing off his star.

And now instead of telling Twinkle Toes [Kenny Omega] and The Cucamonga Kids [The Young Bucks], ‘Hey, why don’t y’all go back and play with your f*cking school girlfriends in Japan? Because I need real talent because I’m in a promotional war and my ship is taking on water.’

Now he’s going to talk to Punk about a buyout. Does that mean he’s going to bring the other three back? Or will he buy Punk out and just fire the other three for putting him in this position to spin probably a few million dollars at minimum to never have his biggest star on his television again?”

Quotes via Inside The Ropes

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