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Jim Cornette Reacts To Legend Calling Seth Rollins “The Next Shawn Michaels”


Jim Cornette gave his thoughts on various topics on his Jim Cornette Experience.

During it, Cornette spoke about Kurt Angle comparing Seth Rollins to Shawn Michaels on a recent edition of his Kurt Angle Show podcast.

“I think he [Kurt Angle] is making the comparison because they resemble each other, in terms of, they were in the guy in WWE at their individual times that was long, lean, and athletic. I don’t know that you can compare Seth with Shawn Michaels in terms of, you know, drawing ability and box office.”

“I mean, Seth is good. But Michaels, the one thing you have to do about the obnoxious little pr*ck that he was, he was nearly the best in the business. Especially at the WWF style of the ’90s.”

H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling.

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