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Jim Cornette Names AEW Star He Thinks Should Jump To WWE “As Quickly As Possible”


Jim Cornette gave his thoughts on various topics on his Jim Cornette Experience.

During it, Cornette spoke about how he feels AEW star Wardlow should join WWE based on how Tony Khan has booked him since beating MJF at Double Or Nothing this past May. 

“I can tell you in a heartbeat Wardlow, you wouldn’t like living in Connecticut. But you don’t have to work in the office, you can live anywhere in the country you want and work for the WWE. And Wardlow’s goal, especially with what’s been done to him over the last three months should be to get the f*ck to the WWE as quickly as possible.

He has the size, he has the look, he can talk enough now that he’ll get better, and that is a tailor made place for them to get him over if they were interested. And I don’t know why they wouldn’t be with his various attributes. And they would know a more focused approach than bringing him out on television and the people going crazy for him and then him winning a programme and then either hiding him or teaming him up with multiple other people.

Or the other night, they put him in a match with f*cking Brian Cage, who physically makes him look less impressive and is so rotten, which is we’ll talk about that programme here a little while. Just diminishes the guy even when he’s beaten him.

People get up now for the powerbombs, not as much as they were, but they’re still up for those. They were goddamn molten for the powerbombs three months ago. Now they still like them, but they’re making the fans f*cking trudge through goddamn high water to get to the powerbombs with Wardlow.”

Cornette added that things would be very different in WWE for Wardlow right now.

“There’s no focus, there’s no plan. He’s just been bouncing back and forth, doing f*ck all of sh*t. And that, I can’t believe, if they want to get a guy over in the WWE, they’ll get him over. As evidenced by some of the guys they want to get over. You can’t f*cking get away from them on their television.”

Quotes via Inside The Ropes

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