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Jim Cornette Knocks Fans Calling For Jeff Hardy’s Return


Jim Cornette gave his thoughts on various topics on his Jim Cornette Experience.

During it, Cornette spoke about fans wanting to see Jeff Hardy wrestle again after he was arrested for DUI earlier this year. He has since checked into rehab for help and is waiting for his legal issues to play out.

“But at the same time maybe the people who really just love Jeff Hardy want to see him come back and wrestle and they don’t think about his personal situation.”

Do a lot of people- are they thinking well now let’s just see if it’s a train wreck, we’re interested just to see what he’s going to do when he comes back and they’re not hoping for a good outcome. I don’t- f*ck it but hey to do more damage to his body, to exacerbate his personal issues, probably a thing that he shouldn’t be wrestling for a while.”

H/t to Sportskeeda


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