JDG vs WBG – Clash between superteams – LPL Weekly Preview


LPL Week 4 will feature the most attended series of the entire split between the two superteams JDG and WBG. Let’s break down this legendary battle.

Image Credits | JDG

JDG and WBG will have the LPL match of the split

JDG vs WBG – Saturday 12:00 CET

JDG and WBG were the two superteams that everyone anticipated during the LPL offseason. Both teams can count on exceptional talent and have already shown immense potential in the first part of the split. Each team has unique strengths and will have to exploit them as much as possible to prevail: any mistake, whether it’s during champ select or in-game, can be fatal to the entire outcome. Let’s try to analyze both teams coming into this series:

JDG – Can anyone beat Ruler?

JDG is currently looking like the best team the LPL has so far this year. Not only do they have incredible players, but they seem already broken in. Their coordination is already top-notch, especially thanks to jungler Kanavi consistently making plays in the mid and bottom lane.

Whichever opponent they faced, JDG is almost guaranteed to come out with a substantial lead before 15 minutes. Their draft read is also very good and they seem to have no problems adapting and flexing picks across the multiple roles. The only way to beat this team is to be equally strong in-game and match that coordination and aggressiveness. That said, it’s much easier said than done…

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WBG – Insane top side

WBG unexpectedly dropped a series against Bilibili Gaming, who were also able to take one game against JDG. Even though they lost, WBG immediately bounced back, destroying FPX.

The highlight of this team is the top half of the map: the trio made by TheShy, Karsa, and Xiaohu is something that you probably won’t see again in the next decade. Karsa and Xiaohu are the perfect team players for a team like WBG: they can adapt and play around anyone they want, letting their top side or bot side take over once given the resources.

Predictions and Preview

While JDG usually defaults to playing for Ruler, WBG can play for both sides of the map: this is their main advantage and it will be the key to the outcome of the series.

On paper, it would be logical for WBG to avoid playing the 3v3 bot and have Karsa focus on TheShy and punish 369. If this happens and WBG’s bot lane can absorb the pressure well, then WBG will have a chance to win.

Image Credits | Weibo Gaming

This, however, is much harder to pull off compared to JDG’s usual gameplan, because it requires TheShy to have a favorable matchup that is worth snowballing. Otherwise, even if he gets the advantage, it won’t be good enough to counterbalance JDG’s bot lane.

For this reason, JDG is coming in as the slight favorites of the series. While WBG does have the potential to take one game, I don’t think they can do that when it comes to Bo3 matches. Consistency is everything and JDG, so far, have shown better consistency.

Predictions: JDG 55% | Weibo Gaming 45%

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