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Jake Hager Shares The Advice He Got From The Undertaker


Jake Hager made an appearance on the latest “AEW Unrestricted” podcast.

During it, the AEW star talked about the advice he got from The Undertaker during his time in WWE. 

“The biggest thing I learned from carrying the World Title was when Undertaker pulled me aside.  I did something which he didn’t like, so he made a point to tell me about it, but it was a good talk.  He said, ‘Look, this job is only worth it if you’re on top as far as financially.  In the middle, down at the bottom, there’s a lot of scrapping.  You’re away on the road too much, so you need to be on top to be worth it.  I always took that as a grain of salt where I needed to be at and how to really value myself as an individual because when you’re being a pro wrestler, you really have to know what your value is so you can know what to ask for and know what not to ask for.  I feel like that speech from him put it in perspective a little bit more.”

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