Jack Gallagher Wants Two Titles (Video), Harper Thanks WWE for “FKA” Episode, Hidden Gems Collection


– Below is new video of WWE 205 Live Superstar Jack Gallagher discussing the upcoming WWE UK Title tournament in London. Gallagher says his style is scientific wrestling. He’s created a very “systematic and elegant” approach to winning matches, either by pinfall or submission. Gallagher says he’s trying to outsmart and out-muscle people to become a dual champion.

Gallagher said, “I decided that currently it was a good idea for me to pursue the UK Championship in my head because I have a vision – the UK Championship sits on this shoulder and the Cruiserweight Championship sits on this shoulder.”

Gallagher also talks about the historic Royal Albert Hall and his main advantages over the other competitors – he is very smart and intelligent, he can out-think people, move how they can’t move, see patterns they can’t see and exploit holes in their games. Gallagher says this is a game of chess and most people are playing checkers.

– The WWE Network Hidden Gems Collection will be updated on Thursday with a big match from Ohio Valley Wrestling, according to The match will feature Batista as The Leviathan vs. Kane from the OVW Christmas Chaos event in January 2001, which was re-scheduled and originally set to air in December 2000. The match runs less than 8 minutes and features Jim Cornette on commentary plus a special appearance by WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin and others. Below is the synopsis for the Hidden Gem addition:

“MONSTERS AND DEMONS: Before Batista’s animalistic days in WWE, Leviathan would prove himself to be a worthy competitor in this match against Kane from OVW.”

– SmackDown Tag Team Champion Harper took to Twitter yesterday and thanked WWE for producing the recent “Formerly Known As” YouTube video on his career. The Bludgeon Brother wrote the following on how his 6 year old son Brodie reacted to the piece:



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