“It’s risky”, cold snap for the sale of OM


Since the announcement of the partnership between OM and the CMA CGM group, rumors have been rife concerning a possible takeover of the Marseille club by a certain Rodolphe Saadé. Faced with everything that was said, the main interested party had also spoken to deny any interest in taking over OM. And now a new announcement has been made about it.

For long months now, the sale of theOM talk a lot. Despite the denials of Frank McCourtthe rumors continue to multiply and it has accelerated recently following the announcement of the partnership between theOM And CMA-CGM. Boss of this group, Rodolphe Saade was then announced as the possible future buyer of the Marseille club. What about a takeover by Saadé?

“Will it go as far as the takeover of the club? I’m not completely convinced of that.”

For Marseille Football Club, Jeremy Bacchisenator from Bouches-du-Rhône, spoke about a potential takeover of theOM by Rodolphe Saade. He then confided: I think that Rodolphe Saadé is more today in a desire to bring life to a territory, Marseille and its region. This can be seen by its numerous investments but also by the jobs it creates in our territory. His assumption of responsibility in sponsoring OM for next season is one more step in this story that he is writing between his company CMA CGM and the territory. Will it go as far as the takeover of the club? I’m not totally convinced because buying a club like OM is a double-edged sword, either we’re loved or we’re hated. “.

“It’s a track that can be credible (…) but be careful…”

In the period he rather demonstrated that he wanted to appear as a patron, an important figure in the economy of our country but especially of our territory and an actor who seems to play the leading roles while trying to be useful to the territory. The takeover of OM is risky, if you perform you are adored but if you do not perform, everything he has tried to build over the last few months, last years, can very quickly smell of powder. I’m not sure he wants to see Marseille 10 miles in front of the CMA CGM tower after a defeat at the Stade Vélodrome. Of course we all want to dream, to see a club that has the means to recruit and perform well. It’s a track that can be credible, it’s a Marseillais, a successful entrepreneur who has the financial means, but be careful”he then added.

“It’s risky”, cold snap for the sale of OM 24hfootnews.

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