It is announced, the PSG will have to sit on 25M€


In the sights of financial fair play, Paris Saint-Germain needs money and it is largely for this that Luis Campos wanted to slim down the workforce during the last summer transfer window. But it’s a risky bet, since some undesirables could well come back to the sender after an inconclusive loan.

Since the arrival of QSI, THE PSG always had a hard time selling and that hasn’t changed over the years. So when Luis Campos decided to push several elements out last summer, it often had to accept compromises and loans that were not always reassuring.

Juve no longer want Paredes

This is the case with Leandro Paredes, whose purchase option of €22.5 million is no longer mandatory since the elimination of the Juventus of the Champions League. Claimed by Massimiliano Allegri at the start of the season, the Argentinian seems to have greatly disappointed and the Bianconeri wouldn’t want to keep it at all.

Warned, he will return to PSG

Il Corriere dello Sport confirms this trend, assuring that Paredes has been given a clear role by the end of the season. He will probably have to play the understudy of Manuel Locatelli, indisputable holder ofAllegri to the Juventus, before heading back to the PSG at the end of his loan. A disaster at €25m therefore for the Parisians, since €3m in bonuses are linked to the option to purchase Paredes.

It is announced, the PSG will have to sit on 25M€ 24hfootnews.

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