it does not work out for Manuel Neuer


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Currently injured after breaking his leg skiing, Manuel Neuer is nevertheless at the heart of the debates in Bavaria. Asked by The Athletic and the Suddeutsche Zeitung, he mentioned his injury, but also returned to the dismissal of Toni Tapalovic, coach of the Bavarian goalkeepers and close friend. And the 2014 World Champion did not hesitate to criticize his leaders, who responded curtly to the German goalkeeper.

An episode that makes Bayern Munich talk a lot, but Sky Sports Germany informs that the 36-year-old player can now worry about his number one status in Munich. The relationship with his coach, Julian Nagelsmann, has long been strained and has deteriorated as Nagelsmann prefers to talk to Joshua Kimmich. Moreover, Bayern bosses are upset and disappointed with Manuel Neuer and support Nagelsmann. Negotiations will take place soon to discuss a possible sanction, but there should be no termination of contract.

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