Is this the start of Stephen A. Smith’s WrestleMania angle?



Talk of ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith joining the parade of celebrities WWE hopes to have at WrestleMania 39 kicked up this week.

It was first raised by Ric Flair, who isn’t always faithful in his relationship with the truth. And one of Smith’s initial comments about the conditions under which he would appear gave us pause.

But there are plenty of reasons to believe we could see Stephen A. at SoFi Stadium on April 1 or 2. The First Take host has grown increasingly close to several prominent players at WWE, including Flair, Triple H, and his former agent Nick Khan. And, love or hate him, if you’ve ever seen him rant about LeBron James or the Dallas Cowboys, you know Smith has been blessed with the gift of gab.

That’s why a lot of the people fantasy booking a possible Smith ‘Mania appearance are involving WWE’s current reigning, undisputed microphone king, Paul Heyman. One proposal tagged Stephen A. and Paul E., prompting a response from Heyman…

No response from Smith, but is that because he’s on a holiday break, or because he can’t get a signal in the ocean of obscurity? Or maybe he’s just scared of going one-on-one on the stick with Roman’s wise man?

Use the comments below to give us your hot takes about a potential Heyman/Smith mic battle in Hollywood next spring.

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