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In DeMeco We Trust


NFL: Houston Texans Head Coach DeMeco Ryans Introductory Press Conference
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No matter what happens, until proven otherwise

In DeMeco We Trust

Most NFL draft rooms are run by the team’s general manager. In the case of the Houston Texans, that would be none other than Nick Caserio.

Some general managers rule with an iron fist. Some call all the draft shots. Some are nothing more than lapdogs for the owner. Some land in the middle.

The ones that seem to do best are the ones that partner with the head coach to build a roster that suits the coach’s brand of football.

Nick Caserio cut his teeth with the New England Patriots, a team where the head coach has a LOT of say in the roster development.

Caserio has gone on record to state he wants to partner with new Houston head coach DeMeco Ryans.

Ryans, a fan favorite from his time anchoring the middle of the Texans defense, has a proven track record as a solid coach who makes good things happen.

In DeMeco We Trust

Today, the 88th NFL draft begins. And when it does, players may get drafted by the Houston Texans that a few, some or even all the fans aren’t fond of and/or don’t think are a great use of draft capital.

But, before anyone reenact the booing of J.J. Watt, everyone should stop for a moment and remember who is calling the shots. A general manager who has a jewelry box full of Super Bowl rings and a guy who has the potential to become the greatest head coach in Houston Texans history.

In DeMeco We Trust

No matter whether the Texans draft a quarterback, an EDGE, a defensive lineman or trade out of the #2 spot: In DeMeco We Trust

No matter what happens with the 12th overall pick: In DeMeco We Trust

In fact, no matter what occurs between now and the end of the 2023 NFL season:

In DeMeco We Trust

If they don’t select your top choice, trust the coaches, scouts and general manager. Sure, the Texans haven’t done much prior to the last so many months to earn that trust. But, Ryans brings a new culture, a new brand of football and a new swagger to #GoTexans.

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