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Impact Wrestling Results (5/3): Rosemary Vs. Su Yung, X Division Title Match, Brian Cage


oVe vs. KM and Fallah Bahh

Bahh is all sketched out about KM being nice to him as they head to the ring. Jake tries to sneak attack KM, but that doesn’t work out so well for him as KM launches Jake across the ring. Dave slows KM down, Jake stomps away at him and tags his brother in. Dave and Jake go back and forth as they swing away on KM. Commentary noting that KM has dropped 30 lbs. over the last few months.

Bahh is finally tagged in and goes to work on both brothers. Couple splashes in the ring. “Bahh! Bahh!” chant from the crowd as he steamrolls over both opponents. KM gets in there and does the same thing, twice. Bahh then does it one more time and high-fives KM. Bahh charges in into the corner, misses, Bahh runs in and mistakenly hits KM. Jake and Dave with a number of strikes, roll-up, and that will do it.

Winners: oVe via Pinfall

– Post-match, KM is all grumpy again and yells at Bahh. He then apologizes and shakes Bahh’s hand with a big cheesy grin on his face.

Taya Valkyrie vs. Kiera Hogan

Taya immediately charges in and takes down Hogan, chop to the chest, and she tosses Kiera across the ring. Taya run in, misses, Kiera with a couple strikes, but gets clotheslined to the mat. Taya tries to stomp Kiera’ head, misses, Kiera with a kick to the side of the head. Sloppy hurricanrana by Kiera, who sends Taya out to the floor, Kiera with a kick from the apron and then stomp her head down to the steps. While the referee checks on a knocked out Taya, suddenly, Tessa Blanchard’s music hits. She heads out to the ring.

Winner: Kiera Hogan via DQ (may have been a no contest as the bell never rang, nor was an announcement made)

– Post-match, Kiera start swinging away on Tessa, ends up running into the ring post and Tessa throws her into the ring post and steps. The referee is apparently nowhere to be seen during all of this. Both in the ring now, Tessa hits a hammerlock DDT to floor Kiera. Tessa does a bit of taunting as we head to break.

El Hijo del Fantasma, Aerostar, and Drago vs. Dezmond Xavier, Andrew Everett, and DJZ (Lucha Libre Rules)

Xavier and Fantasma get us started, Xavier gets the best of him, Aerostar takes out Xavier, DJZ with a springboard dropkick. Drago joins the party, hits a side russian leg sweep from the second rope. Aerostar in now against Everett, Aerostar walks the ropes, hits a dropkick. Everett with a springboard spinning heel kick. As you can imagine, tons of flips in the early part of this match. Fantasma chops him down as Aerostar hits the bricks.

Double knees into the corner, back and forth chops to the chest. Fantasma keeps Everett grounded as Drago heads in, stretches out Everett and Fantasma boots him in the face. Xavier with a suicide dive as DJZ/Everett hit stereo dropkicks and then stereo moonsaults off the second rope. They both miss though, Fantasma with a leg lock on DJZ and catches Everett in another submission.

Multiple submissions locked in now as Aerostar and Everett swing on each other. They finally notice all of the submissions and break them instead, kind of weird spot there. Xavier with a handspring flip over the top to the floor and lands on his feet. DJZ with an amazing step-up front flip to the floor! Arrow from the depths of heel by Fantasma. Aerostar with that insane reverse cannonball as we head to break.

Winners: Dezmond Xavier, DJZ, and Andrew Everett via Pinfall

– Backstage, Aries bumps into Drake and says he doesn’t blame Drake for wanting to cash-in on Pentagon next week. Aries wishes him good luck and says he’s rooting for Drake because Aries already knows he can beat Drake. “That’s not an insult…well, you know the rest,” Aries says.

Ishimori vs. Matt Sydal (c) (Impact X Division Championship Match)

Sydal really stalling early on as Ishimori gets in some offense. Sydal heads out to the floor, Ishimori fakes diving to the outside as we head towards a break. Action is back in the ring and Sydal kicks away at Ishimori’s leg. Sydal continues grinding away on Ishimori, continuously trying to take shots at Ishimori’s leg. Ishimori with a handspring spinning kick, double knees in the corner, and double stomp. Ishimori’s knee is still bothering him, slow to cover, 1-2.

Sydal with a standing moonsault, Ishimori with knees up, death vallery driver, knee to the face, cover, two-count. Ishimori with a 450 attempt, rolls through, Sydal clocks him, pin, two-count. Sydal up top, shooting star press, kind of lands on his feet. Ishimori with double knees to Sydal’s face and now he goes to the top rope. He’s sort of slow to get up there and Sydal pops him, drives Ishimori to the mat, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Matt Sydal via Pinfall to retain the X Division Championship

– Random Room, Tommy Dreamer can’t believe he had to bail Edwards out of jail. Edwards says he’s a grown man and although he appreciates the help, Dreamer is not his father and bounces.

– Su Yung vs. Rosemary was up next, but the match never officially gets started.

Rosemary is not in a good mood as Yung tries to attack her before she even gets to the ring. Rosemary smacks her on some chairs, Yung with a palm strike and hits panic switch out on the floor. Ref Riley tries to tell Yung what’s what, but Yung scares him off. The lights go down and Yung summons a bunch of undead brides to bring down a coffin.

Yung looks to maybe put Rosemary in it, but Allie heads out and drops Yung. Rosemary is all kinds of grumpy at Allie and didn’t want her at ringside. Yung guides her brides to Allie as Yung kicks Rosemary in the face. Nothing really happens to Allie, but Rosemary grabs the kendo stick and goes to smack Yung, but gets mist in the eyes. Yung then nails a panic switch through a table off the side of the ramp. Yung summons her minions to drag Rosemary to the coffin and put her inside. Yung does it and slams the top shut as Allie looks on in horror.

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