Igor Tudor gets loose on Dimitri Payet


Not in Igor Tudor’s plans this season, Dimitri Payet only played 705 minutes in Ligue 1. A starving performance, far from being in line with his last season where he excelled under the orders of Jorge Sampaoli (31 matches, 12 goals, 10 assists). In an interview with the newspaper The Teamthe Croatian technician spoke about the situation of the native of Saint-Pierre (Reunion), praising his attitude, but deploring the gap between what he is looking for and the profile of his player.

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“Dimitri has behaved very well, he has an extraordinary career. I see he likes this club. I don’t know if he will become a coach, but if he does in my opinion he will be good, because he watches the matches, he is in it, he talks to the team. You have to see him motivate them before they leave the locker room on game nights. I’m sorry about this situation, because he played very well last season, it was different football, at a different pace, more for his qualities. But me, this football, I don’t know how to do, and if I came here, I have to do what I know how to do and what I believe in. I have to follow my game idea and choose the ones that go with that idea.” The message got through!

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Igor Tudor gets loose on Dimitri Payet 24hfootnews.

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