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How the Lions pick themselves up after Carolina


NFL: Detroit Lions at Carolina Panthers
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With two more games, the Lions need to get over the whuppin

Dan Campbell himself described it as an “ass whuppin” and it’s hard to find other words for it. When your identity is in the trenches like the Detroit Lions, it’s hard to swallow a loss where the Panthers ran for over 300 yards on you.

Nevertheless, the Lions are gunning for the playoffs still and have two games to go. They have no more latitude now and will need a little help from some friends, but their fate is still theirs to fight for.

Let’s talk about it. PODcast trucks through the holidays in a shorter form to talk about this game, with individual performances scrutinized, plus everything you need to know about the final fight coming up here in January as the cold winter of the NFL’s end looms hard over every team. It’s down to the wire, and the Lions can rise or fall.

Plus, with Black Monday looming and the Denver Broncos already jumping in the pool, we discuss the future of Ben Johnson, and why it might be premature for Lions fans to worry about his departure. It’s all for you and ready to download now.

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