How The ‘FaZe Clan’ Nike LeBron 20 NXXT Gen Became a Reality


More and more, the lines between digital and physical are blurring. Our lives are now tied together by invisible strands of data. As this trend continues, the physical is being informed by the digital with greater frequency. This new way of living has shown up in how people dress and speak, in how they spend their money and spend their time, and in how they process and share information. It all feels faster, like the punches have to hit harder and with tons more immediacy. There are a whole lot of digital doors to walk through and most of the time, the internet at large will only take a quick look inside these doors, instead of a slow stroll through them and on to the other side.

LeBron James has been around, though. It’s now been over 20 years since he’s been occupying his throne. There’s an insatiable appetite for everything the King does, as has been the case for the entirety of these past two decades. His sneakers are still on the feet of many. Whether they’re OG pairs from all the way back in the day, retros or new versions of the Nike LeBron 20, people in both the digital and physical world rock his kicks, comment about them, and most importantly, care about them.    

The Nike LeBron 20 NXXT Gen is an example of how far we’ve come on this specific wave of internet info. What started in the realm of esports has extended its way into the real world. A special collaboration between FaZe Clan and Nike is ending in the “FaZe” LeBron 20 NXXT Gen colorway. 

The NXXT Gen edition of the 20 is less expensive than the version that dropped back in Autumn 2022, with a slightly different build as well. 

Either tongue of this black and red edition features FaZe’s iconic “F” logo. As for the tech specs of this updated LeBron 20, it has an engineered mesh upper, Air Zoom cushioning, hits of leather on the tongue, the heel, the medial panel and the toebox and there’s a double-layered Swoosh in contrasting materials.

The King’s oldest son, Bronny, joined FaZe back in August of 2020 to be a content creator. FaZe Clan is the world’s best esports team, with a social media reach that is counted in the hundreds of millions. Bronny loves to play FPS games for the millions of people that also follow him. Both generations of the James have worn the “FaZe” LeBron 20 NXXT Gen on the court already. 

Like FaZe, and millions of people around the world, both generations of the James understand that life is starting to swing more fluidly between digital and physical. LeBron has the highest follower count of any basketball player on the planet and Bronny’s social media presence is calculated, thought out with great intention and an appreciation for documenting the art in his life. Because more and more, these invisible lines are blending, melding together so tightly and strongly that the “FaZe” Nike LeBron 20 NXXT Gen will go down in history as the first collab of its kind. But not the last. 

How The ‘FaZe Clan’ Nike LeBron 20 NXXT Gen Became a Reality SLAM.

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