How Studio MDHR Builds A Cuphead Boss


The story of Cuphead is indie gaming legend. Brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer worked for years, risking their finances founding Studio MDHR and hiring a host of talented artists and animators to bring their tough-as-nails run ‘n’ gun game to life. The gamble paid off in spades. Inspired by both 1930s animation and classic games like Contra and Gunstar Heroes, Cuphead has sold more than six million copies, amassing critical acclaim, legions of fans, a TV show, and multiple world records along the way.

With Cuphead’s staggering success, it’s not too surprising the team at MDHR wanted to deliver one more serving of sharp shooting excitement and aggravation. Opting for DLC as opposed to a full-on sequel, the Cuphead developer set about outlining The Delicious Last Course, released in June 2022. Early in production, MDHR decided that a boss concept from the original game, one scrapped due to time constraints, would be the perfect starting point for this newest outing. Read more…

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