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How Joe Burrow believes he is improving heading into the 2023 season


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The Bengals QB says he has improved every year in the NFL with room to continue growing

Cincinnati Bengals franchise guy Joe Burrow has had anything but “normal” offseasons since being drafted back in 2020.

From COVID-19 to reconstructive knee surgery to a ruptured appendix, Burrow has had obstacles to overcome during the Bengals’ offseason every year.

However, that has not stopped him from leading Cincinnati to back-to-back AFC Championship appearances.

Could this be the first offseason that Burrow can call normal?

Well, we sure do not want to jinx it, but it would be great to see No. 9 head into Week 1 with a complete offseason in the books.

It is clear through the Bengals’ social media that Burrow seems to be enjoying the summer so far.

“I think I had my best year last year. I think I’ve improved every year and still a lot of room to grow. There is always room to improve every offseason, every game, every week. You just try to find a way to get better every year,” Burrow said Tuesday, according to Geoff Hobson of

With the knee reconstruction and appendix, Burrow has had the time off to simply improve his body.

“I’m feeling really good. I feel strong. I feel stable. I feel grounded. I’m excited about how my body is feeling,” Burrow told Hobson.

Tallying 4,611 passing yards in 2021 and 4,475 in 2022, Burrow has shined with Zac Taylor and his offensive weapons like Ja’Marr Chase, Tee Higgins, and Tyler Boyd.

As good as Burrow has been behind center, he believes he is getting better each season with even more room to continue growing.

“I think I just became more aware of situational football. Aware of when I could take a sack, when I can’t, finding the back when I can make a play in a certain moment when a different part of the game I would not try to make that play. I think I took strides there. I think there are more strides to take in that area,” said Burrow.

Hearing this from Burrow is exciting for the Bengals and the Cincinnati fanbase.

It is clear this team is on a mission to bring home a Super Bowl, and Burrow continuing to look for ways to improve is an important piece as the team’s leader.

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